About Us

I am Kent Brewer co-owner and operator of Stan Brewer Realty and Management. I am a licensed Real Estate Broker as well as a Licensed General Contractor. I have 35 years of experience of Managing property, as a General Contractor I also have experience in maintenance and repair of your property.

My goal is to personally meet with you and help to establish a fair market rental value, discuss the ins and out of property management or get an idea on how to properly repair an item and a ballpark estimate of the cost. From the seasoned property owner to the first time investor if your considering property management I'd love to help.

- We handle the hassles of managing property and let you enjoy the benefits of owning investment property.
-We Monitor market conditions to insure that you receive competitive rental rates. -We coordinate maintenance and repair of the property.
-We'll market and advertise your property locally and on the Internet.
-We screen thoroughly and help you select quality tenants.
-We deal directly with tenants
- negotiating and preparing leases, coordinating maintenance and collecting rent.
-We survey your property before, during and after the tenancy.
-We have over the past 30 years created relationships with vendors and repairmen that help us to service your property on a competitive basis.
-You will receive comprehensive monthly statements, and year-end income and expense statements. More statements are available upon request.
-Our offices are local, so we can visit your property quickly when needed.
-Our property managers have an average of 10 years experience and have ongoing professional education.

Our Services
There is an $85 monthly fee for all single family residences. Please call for a quote for our multi-family and commercial properties.

1. Collection of rents.
2. Enforcement of late feed, NSF fees, and tenant damage.
3 Full accounting services including accounts receivable and accounts payable for each tenant and each property.
4. Supervision of all tenant maintenance request.
5.Supervision of all sub contractors and vendors for maintenance and repair of each unit.
6. Preparation of 3 Day, 30 Day, and 60 Day notices.
7. Issuing of letters to tenants of lease violations, pet violations, unattended yard care, etc.
8 Periodic exterior and interior inspections. Interior inspections performed at owners request.
9 Supervision of any city, county, or HOA code violations.
10. Oversight for remodels or fire damage.

The following are services provided from the $150 renting fee

1. Advertising: *This includes placing of a sign on the property, adding the listing to our website, adding the listing to our free Rental listing publication, adding the listing to Craigslist, and for multi-unit buildings installing a banner or large sign.
2. The showing of the property. This is performed by a secure method of Key check system.
3. The accepting of Rental or lease application.
4. Screening: We perform a thorough screening on each application. This would include the checking of the applicants, Credit, employment, and residence. Our first step is to find the applicants credit rating performed by a national credit checking agency. We ask for the applicant to verify their current income by providing copies of pay stubs or tax returns. We verify each applicants present and previous landlord. We also check national databases for sex offenders and other forms of public offenses.
5. Collection of the first month rent and deposit.
6. Signing of the Lease or month to month agreement.
7. Signing of the disclosure forms: lead based paint, mold, etc. as applicable.
8. Inspection: This is performed by our office staff, with the new tenant, on all incoming or outgoing tenants. A thorough written inspection is performed of the condition of the property and signed by the tenant.
9. Settlement of the previous tenant's security deposit. This is performed by comparing the move in inspection to the move-out inspection. All damages other than normal wear and tear is charged to the tenant and deducted from their deposit.